What is Clearance

Purpose of Clearance :
Clearance refers to the various environmental evaluation procedures used to determine if:

~The lead hazard control work was actually completed as specified.
~The area is safe for unprotected workers to enter.
~The area is a safe place for residents and young children to live.

Since most lead hazard control work generates a considerable amount of leaded dust, and since previous studies have indicated that cleaning can be accomplished only with great care and skill (HUD, 1991), it is necessary to determine if the cleaning was successful. Some type of clearance is required for all forms of lead hazard control. Certified risk assessors or certified inspector technicians (clearance examiners) can best recommend the exact type of clearance testing to be employed on a specific project.

When clearance wipes are necessary to complete the job the measurements of those wipes must be extremely accurate to ensure correct reporting.

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